The Queer Theory Library (TQTL) is a nomadic library and archive that seeks to expand and redefine the keeping and making of queer history. Providing access to academic texts and commissioning new works & cultural programming, TQTL develops interdisciplinary and experimental projects with artists to activate queer theory.  Informed by and building off of queer liberation movements, the Library understands that how we frame our past and present influences the future we build; how we perceive and  write our realities creates new worlds. Within the ideology of queer futurism, the Library embraces fluidity and works with its communities to reimagine what a library, a gallery, and an artwork can be in order to reshape what our lives can look like.

        The function and politics of language are what drives The Queer Theory Library. Words hold power. Words name experiences. Language is fluid and full of possibility, ever-changing. The texts in the catalog serve as mirrors, tools, and visions for what could be.

TQTL was founded in 2020 by Summer Jade Leavitt and is currently based in Los Angeles.