Featured Book

Time Slips: Queer Temporality, Contemporary Performance, and the Hole of history by Jaclyn I. Pryor


Dani Janae's collaboration with The Queer Theory Library, No New Pain is currently on view at Deering Estate in Miami, FL

The Queer Theory Library is creating a collective space for discussion, experimentation, and imagination. Providing access to academic texts and activating them with curated cultural programming,  The Queer Theory Library invites an engaging, immersive experiences and greater community dialogue.  The Queer Theory Library also functions as a growing archive for local artists, writers, and residents to submit their work, writings, and ephemera.

With a mission to shift and explore new possibilities for queer thought, culture, creation, the Library is focused on  liberation, abolition, and futurism. How we frame our past and present influences our future-building; how we perceive and write our realities creates new worlds. Through education and collaboration, the QTL aims to enable, empower, and inspire our queer communities. 

This project is made possible by the support of a WaveMaker Grant from Locust Projects.